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The Tracker School was founded in 1978 by Tom Brown Jr. Tom is America's most renowned Tracker and Wilderness Survival expert. Tom’s instruction is a strong factor in the skills taught at Louisiana School of Bushcraft.

OnPoint Tactical Scout, Tracker, and Survival School - A great school for enthusiasts who are more interested in survival from a tactical perspective. Ran by Kevin Reeve

Earthwalk Northwest: A great opportunity for students who would like to spend a tremendous amount of time practicing primitive skills

The Human Path is an ecology-based, wilderness-survival and wilderness-living school offering a huge variety of outdoor, bushcraft classes (outdoor fitness, wilderness and primitive living skills, wilderness medicine, herbology, self defense, teamwork and leadership, primitive engineering, permaculture certification, aquaponics, green building and much more) in both the San Antonio and Austin areas of Texas.



The PLANTS Database of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service is A great online source to help students plant identification.


Outdoor Podcast This site is about enjoying the many different aspects of the outdoors. Whether you are taking a walk through the park, hunting a spring gobbler, sitting in a deer stand or even cooking up some delicious barbecue.


Lousiana Ecosystems and Plant ID is an interactive and virtual tour through LSU.


Foraging Texas is an excellent site for edible plants local to the Southwest and plants that are also available in and around Louisiana.


Primitive Ways is an informational site with several good articles about primitive living.



Bushcraft USA is an online forum that is an excellent gathering place for all people interested in Bushcraft or related items.