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Using This Website PDF Print E-mail

Using This Website.

Welcome to Louisiana School of Bushcraft and

Here are some simple tips for using our website.


All of the courses which we offer are listed in the Courses

menu. There is a general outline for each Courses Group, and

once a group is selected a list of courses will appear below it on

the menu. Choosing a course, a full description will appear.

Under the course title in the description, an icon and the text

“Click Here For a List of Scheduled Classes” will appear.

Choosing that option, and choosing a class from the resulting

list, the user will be presented with an Event screen for the

selected class.  Important Notice: Multiple classes with the

same title are distinguished by date.

Other ways to browse and learn about our courses are

also provided on the menus.

The Events Calendar found on the menu shows the events

scheduled at Louisiana School of Bushcraft for any particular

date. The dates with scheduled events appear highlighted in

red. The Upcoming Events menu shows the next 8 events

scheduled at Louisiana School of Bushcraft. The User menu

has options to display scheduled events for the remainder of

this year or next, with the latest events listed at the top.

Events may also be listed by category, or a larger version of

the Events Calendar may be browsed. All of these options

which display Louisiana School of Bushcraft events offer links

to specific programs leading the user to an event screen for

an event of his or her choosing.


From the event screen, a user may invite others via email to

participate in the selected event, and a user may register for

an event himself. Currently, Louisiana School of Bushcraft is

only accepting payment for events via PayPal or via checks

presented in person or through the U. S. Postal service (see

the Contact page for postal information).PayPal accepts all

major credit cards.

Once registered for an event, a first-time registrant will receive

two emails at the email address which the user provides: an

Account Details email and a Registration email. If you have

registered for events here in the past, you will only receive the

Registration email.

The Account Details email contains a username and password.

You may need to retain this if you wish to check on the status

of your event subscriptions in the future, or if you wish to visit

the site for post-event information or photos once the event is


The Registration email contains information concerning the

class which you chose to subscribe to. You may want to print

or otherwise keep this email for your own records.

Once payment is made and a user registration is approved, the

user will receive an Activation email as a notification.

See the Registration Policy on the Schedules menu for

additional information concerning registrations.

After Registration

Once registered, a user may log in with the password received

in the Account Details email. Upon doing so, some additional

menu options appear. Among these is the “My Subscriptions”

option on the user Menu. Selecting this a user may view the

events that he has subscribed to, and the status of the user

for each particular event. If the PayPal payment is not

successful, a registered user will be marked as denied here,

and must re-register successfully in order to participate.

Event Location

Currently, all of our Louisiana School of Bushcraft events are

held at the Boy Scout Camp called Camp Carruth in Port Allen,

La. Choosing the Location option on the Main Menu, the user

will be presented with the Location page, which contains

directions and a link to Google maps.

The Louisiana School of Bushcraft Newsletter

Click Louisiana School of Bushcraft Home on the Main Menu and

then select Media in order to sign up for the mailing list to
receive Louisiana School of Bushcraft Email Newsletters when
they are distributed.